How to turn your car into a wifi hotspot, wifi car diagnostics and wifi routers for your auto .



 We caught up with AutoNet Mobile at the Orange County Auto Show and were impressed with their purpose-built router for mobile internet. With more consistent performance than a WiFi card, it's the perfect tool for cruising Streetfire while on the fly!



 Clip of me testing out my older brothers 4g Clear iSpot. I connected my tape cassette deck player to the headphone jack on the iPad and had the movie playing through my car stereo. It was pretty cool. No lag, and connection was more than adequate so the picture quality was all intact.





 Brian Cooley demos Autonet Mobile's Wi-Fi router that enables you to get Internet access in your car.



 The PLX Kiwi WiFi deserves a look. This $150 device lets you plug into the OBD-II port on your car. It is a WiFi AP device; connect your iPhone to the PLX's WiFi network, run a compatible app and you'll see all of the data that's available



Stay connected on long road trips or stream your favourite tunes on the move. It's easier than ever to give your car its own Wi-Fi hotspot



 Turn your GM vehicle into a mobile hotspot with AutoNet. Our kids played Xbox live all the way to Chicago from Indy.



 Ford will turn vehicles into rolling WiFi hot spots will the help of the second generation of SYNC.



 Demo of using the hotspot from my Galaxy tablet which is mounted in my 2009 Nissan Altima.








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